Our Mission

Our mission is to save as many homeless animals from the cruel streets of North Macedonia either by neutering them and releasing them or by helping them find suitable homes based on their needs.

Adopting abroad

Animals can travel to any country if a suitable home is found for them. We have a specific adoption  process that you can check out here.

Building a shelter

A shelter is a necessity if we want to continue saving as many animals as possible. By having a shelter we manage and monitor the animals' behavior and health.

Meeting the team

The team is made up of five North Macedonia based admins, five UK based admins, and three physically active caretakers who all contribute voluntarily to the organization.

The Organization

An association for the protection of animals that are striving to build a shelter with great conditions for the suffering and homeless animals in North Macedonia.

Amos Shelter prevents and alleviates animal suffering in the face of emergencies by mobilizing the power of volunteers and donors. We fight every minute of every day to save as many animals as possible and achieve our mission of making life better for homeless animals, through raising public awareness.

There are extensive opportunities for those looking for volunteer work that will help the homeless and suffering animals in North Macedonia. Our work  is only possible because of our dedicated volunteers, who at the moment are but ten but hopefully in the future will reach hundreds. 

Our Accomplishments in year 2020

If you would like to help us double and even triple these numbers this year then please adopt, donate, or volunteer!



Adopt! Don't shop.


Wild animals

Rehabilitate and release! Don't imprison.


Spay & Neuter

Save a homeless animal! Don't breed.

Our Activities

We have dedicated our time and efforts to save as many animals as possible.

The Amos Team

Amos Shelter was founded on the 15th of January 2019 and currently has five UK admins and five North Macedonia admins that make sure every animal at Amos finds the most suitable home.

These admins manage the Amos networks in the UK, North Macedonia, Netherlands and other countries, meaning that they make sure every adoption goes smoothly, are always ready for surprises and urgent cases, and make sure that every animal already adopted in the UK is doing well. 

The organization is made out of the president who is the main caretaker and the one that makes sure they are healthy to travel, and a five member board compiled out of UK ad North Macedonia members that are responsible for decision making tasks.

Rinisa Rexhepi


She is the founder of the organization and the one that makes sure they are healthy and loved

Justine Smith

Financial manager

She is in charge of the organizations finances and is also the main Rescue Back-Up in the UK

Geoffrey Saliba

Vice president

He has experience volunteering in animal shelters and works with any animal that has behavioral issues

Medina Zhuta

Administrative manager

She creates social media posts and provides a foster home for animals that need special care

Become an Amos Hero!

You can help change lives by becoming one of our Amos Heroes! 
You can volunteer and meet all the animals in North Macedonia, if you are not near then you can become one of our admins and help us manage our social media accounts! If you cannot find the time for either then you can show your support by:
*Becoming one of our patreons on https://www.patreon.com/AmosShelter 
*Becoming a supporter on https://www.buymeacoffee.com/AmosShelter
Donate directly through our bank account or PayPal amosshelter@gmail.com