Name: Galaxy
Species: Cats
Gender: Female
Sight: Completely blind

Galaxy’s story

Galaxy appeared at our shelter unexpectedly, it was evident that someone had left her there. She was disoriented and her eyes were almost completely black. She was a full grown cat and it was hard to comprehend that she could not see and had lived so long on the streets that is why we were sure that she had been a house cat at one point.

We took her to the vet where bloodworks, biochemistry, and head x-ray confirmed she was blind as a result from previous head trauma however, the cause of the trauma could not be determined. She was a gorgeous sight and her eyes were completely healthy and intact. She did not suffer from any other illness but sadly, the damage to her eyesight was irreversible.

She lived happily at the shelter and received daily cuddles, something she so preciously enjoyed. She recognized the voice of the lady that ran the shelter and would immediately run towards her whenever she heard her name being called. She was such a sweetheart and deserved a much better life than that at the shelter however, that did not happen.
One day, one of the volunteers had forgotten the cat room door open and Galaxy had wandered outside, she had access to the outdoors when under strict supervision however, because no one saw her get out she was left to wander off unnoticed. The lady that took care of her searched for her throughout the night until at early hours in the morning she found her quite far away from the shelter, curled in a ball, not breathing. Because of this incident no more volunteers were ever allowed at the special needs cat area, that area will remain closed to any volunteers for the time being. © 2021. All rights reserved.