Name: Bailey
Species: Dog
Gender: Female
Sight: Handicapped

Bailey’s story

When little Bailey was brought to us she was tiny and did not feel her hind legs at all, in addition to that she had a large swelling in her stomach.

The chances of her ever walking were slim based on the vet even though in the beginning they believed that Bailey might feel her hind legs a little bit that is why we continuously gave her a nice bath therapy (physical therapy). Based on the x-rays, Bailey had no broken bones, but she had survived a major trauma, her nerves had been destroyed and her stomach muscular tissue was torn. Bailey did not give up, she has a lot of love in her and she loves everyone around her.

Thanks to the organization Angel’s Choice, Bailey found a wonderful home in Belgium where her family takes care of every need she has and she has a lot of fun exploring the outdoors with her lovely wheelchair. © 2021. All rights reserved.