Name: Dee & Doo
Species: Cats
Gender: Female
Sight: Completely deaf

Dee & Doo’s story

These lovely sisters were found abandoned in the mountains, clean, scared, and completely deaf. An old lay that lived nearby the place where they were found regularly fed them and couldn’t understand why they would not react when she called them. They were one of the most characteristic cats in the village with Dee having two icy blue color eyes and Doo having one brown and one blue eye.

The lady that was feeding them sensed that they were different and called us for help, when we arrived it took us thirty minutes to find them. They were huddled together on bushes sleeping soundly even though we were calling them for quite a long time. We later on found out that they lady would feed them at the same time everyday and being the smart girls that they are, both sisters only appeared on that time for food. When we got nearer and they still hadn’t lifted their heads to acknowledge our presence we got the feeling that they couldn’t hear us approaching.

When they were taken to the vet to get vaccinated it was determined they were completely deaf which is a very common occurrence in white cats especially white cats that also have a white coat. Sadly, that is something they genetically possess and are born with that is why no one could do anything to help in that regard. That little issue did not make them undesirable and they both received a lot of inquiries for adoption. © 2021. All rights reserved.