Name: Fibi
Species: Cat
Gender: Female
Sight: Partially-sighted

Fibi’s story

Fibi was found on the streets of the city of Tetovo with one of her siblings. Her sibling immediately got adopted while she stayed with us at the shelter. The reason that Fibi couldn’t find a home was that she was missing one eye which for us made her all the more special. She, however, did not notice any difference and continued to love every human or animal that came to the shelter.

One day a family came to the shelter to choose a kitty to adopt and Fibi was determined to make them love her, she purred, begged for their attention, followed them around and did anything possible just to make them choose her however, they ignored her persistently. The lady that runs the shelter got quite annoyed and asked the family why they did not give her at least a little stroke on the head and they replied that they found her ugly. That was the day Amos Shelter closed its doors for physical visits from any future adopters and only allowed them to choose based on videos and photos.

Lovely Fibi was always overlooked but never lost hope. After a month she started losing a lot of weight and she was diagnosed with dry FIP. We were heartbroken but did anything in our power to help her get through it. One of our volunteers decided to foster her and at least give her a chance to feel the warmth of a home. Fibi thrived! She survived all thanks to the lovely lady that decided to give her the attention she so desperately needed.

Now, Fibi has found her family and is loved and cherished as she well deserves. Her adoptive sibling, Pizza, is getting used to Fibi’s cuddly and clingy nature and her human companions love her unconditionally.

They live their life like all other cats. Just because they are missing one eye doesn’t mean that they are less valuable than others and Fibi is just the right example to prove that every cat deserves a happily ever after. © 2021. All rights reserved.