Name: Flaka
Species: Cat
Gender: Male
Sight: Partially-deaf

Flaka’s story

Flaka was taken from the streets by a family that was eager to welcome a tiny kitten into their home. They took care of him for six months and in the end decided to give him up because they were afraid he would scratch the baby while playing. We were called to take him in and we did, we were told that he could instantly become very grumpy if touched the wrong way and that sometimes he was unpredictable so we were very cautious in the beginning.
As days went by we noticed that he would scream whenever we stroked him even remotely close to his ears. He was taken to the vet where he had to be sedated so that the ears could be thoroughly check and that’s when we found out that he had bled a lot before, he had had and still had a very bad ear infection that had shattered his eardrums and he was in excruciating pain. He was immediately put on antibiotics and painkillers, he was taken to the vet everyday, sedated so that the ear canals could be cleaned and then given special extra high quality food once he woke up. After a couple of weeks his ear infection was cleared, his ear drums were permanently damaged however, he was not in anymore pain. His hearing could never be restored 100% but that did not bother him in the least.

After all this had passed he showed us his true gentle character, he was in no way unpredictable or angry, he became a very cuddly cat that loves being on your lap. The ears are now healthy but he will always be prone to infection because of his shattered ear drums however, that can easily be managed with antibiotics. Now, with no pain and a lot of time to get to know him, he is an explorer that loves food and cannot get enough of his human companions.

His name is Flaka, his name symbolizes his warrior nature, outside appearance and passion. In Albanian it means flame. © 2021. All rights reserved.