Name: Karamela
Species: Dog
Gender: Male
Sight: Damaged paw and pelvis

Karamela’s story

Karamela was a hunting dog and was born and bred to aid hunters. She was found on the streets unmovable and was taken in by a lovely couple that could not leave her like that, helpless and alone. She was soon taken to the vet where with the help of x-rays it was determined that she had a fractured pelvis and damaged back paw. She was sent home to rest and did not move the first few weeks. Her weight was also very worrisome, she was so thin that it looked scary however, she was also a very picky eater and would not eat the same food more than once.

She was a part of the couple’s household for months and she got along great with all the cats in the family. She needed training with walking on lead and always stayed a picky eater but she was slowly recovering. We soon intervened to find a suitable home for her and she was also taken to our vets for a last check up where it was determined that everything was healing well except for her hind paw. The paw had suffered irreversible nerve damage and there was a very high possibility that she would never use it properly. The vets did give her a chance and put her on different supplements that could help her regain more function.

The perfect home for her was found and she was adopted. Her paw is still sometimes problematic but her adopter has bought many shoes for her to try on that have helped significantly with the way she uses the paw. She is a very happy girl that has frequent zoomies and enjoys a lot of cuddles, still a picky eater but with so many choices who wouldn’t be. © 2021. All rights reserved.