Name: Klaus
Gender: Male
Sight: Partially-sighted

Klaus’s story

Klaus was found together with his brother while a lovely family were on their way to clean up the kennel of a litter of puppies they had been taking care of. He and his brother were apparently found elsewhere and brought there by a group of boys, one of which’s father owned the property they brought them to. While their actions were well-intended, it was clear that Klaus was in need of medical attention. That is why the family decided to take them both under their care.

Upon their first visits to the vet, they were carefully optimistic about saving Klaus’ eye. It was clear that his cornea was infected due to an ulcer, clouding his vision, yet when shining upon it with a light the pupil and iris were still intact. However, his eyelashes were pointing downwards, entering his eye. They thought they could potentially restore his sight and get away with only a corrective eyelid surgery. Sadly, after a month of eye drops and serums they received a blend of both good news and bad news. The treatment was working and he was free of infection however, the eye had to be removed.

Nevertheless, Klaus almost always purred and loved sitting near his rescuers or snuggling on their lap. His limited vision was barely noticeable especially when he got his sudden playing fits. He was deemed healthy and time came when we started looking for the right home for him and his brother. The perfect family was found and he is happy in his home now with his adoptive sibling. This sweet and gentle boy got the happily ever after he so greatly deserved.

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