Name: Lala
Species: Cats
Gender: Female
Sight: Completely deaf & missing tail

Lala’s story

Lala is a kitten that was attacked by a pack of dogs and had her tail ripped. She found shelter in front of a supermarket in a cardboard box and waited for nine hours for somebody, anybody to help her. When we saw the post on Facebook we immediately went to search for her and found her in the cardboard box, asleep, bleeding, curled in a small ball. She was a tiny white, dirty kitten that wasn’t reacting to the sounds around her. Her eyes immediately brightened up when she felt a hand on her, she started purring loudly and started meowing so much that it looked like a scene from a movie. She had survived such a harsh attack and yet she was so full of love, she waited for nine hours, watching all the people passing by and yet never lost hope that someone might just stop and help.

We took her immediately at the vet and the vet decided the tail would not be amputated because only a very small part was left but it needed to be treated two times a day for a month straight. We also learned that she was completely deaf and the vet was amazed that she had survived for so long on the streets. It was evident from her coat that she had spent most of her life on the streets under different cars and different dirty hiding spots.

She showed her gratitude to us daily and meowed loudly to get our attention every morning. She loves cuddles but did not enjoy sharing her food, toys, bed and humans with other cats and she expressed her displeasure every time she found herself in those situations. She has one blue and one brown eye, doesn’t have a tail, is very demanding and cannot hear a thing but Lala found her perfect forever home and is now happy and loved everyday. © 2021. All rights reserved.