Name: Lulu
Species: Cat
Gender: Female
Sight: Partially-sighted

Lulu’s story

Found by wonderful people in the city of Bitola in North Macedonia. Alone, afraid, dirty and with an empty eye socket, they did not know how to help the poor kitty so they started calling many different organizations asking for help.

We were eventually contacted and accepted the little cat into our shelter where we also named her Lulu. She was quite dirty and hungry when found meowing on the streets alone and looking for help but in just a short time she blossomed and showed her wonderful character and beautiful coat.

Now, she is a wonderful lady that is happy to be alive and receive many cuddles. She loves people and wouldn’t mind cuddling all day long. She is good with cats and is very curious but doesn’t feel very adventurous when left alone. We thought she would also be one of many cats to find a home abroad and were quite surprised when a local gentleman came to visit our shelter and fell in love with her immediately. She was happily adopted and is enjoying life to the fullest. © 2021. All rights reserved.