Name: Malcolm
Species: Cat
Gender: Male
Sight: Deformed eyelids

Malcolm’s story

Malcolm was but a tiny baby when he was brought to us together with her mother. He was the only one that had survived from the mothers litter and even though he was supposed to be old enough to walk he did not move much because he could not see. His siblings had not survived herpesvirus and he was badly suffering from it as well.

We immediately took him and his mother to the vet where it was determined that his eyes were healthy and with antibiotics the inflammation would go down completely. A month, then two, three passed. We administered eye drops and antibiotics regularly however the moment we stopped his eyes would inflame immediately. As a result of constantly receiving treatment Malcolm became very shy of human touch and did not enjoy being touched.

After five months in out care it was decided that he needed corrective surgery to fix his eyelids. The surgery was successful and he recovered quite fast. He bonds immediately with other cats and small animals and he loved playing with all of them especially after his eyesight was fully restored. His mother was spayed and released in her neighborhood where she had lived for years and Malcolm slowly but surely is getting used to human company and gentle interaction. © 2021. All rights reserved.