Name: Mila
Species: Cat
Gender: Female
Sight: Partially-sighted

Mila’s story

She was a very young kitty that slept on the backyard of house she deemed suitable for her. The lady that owned the house fed her and loved her but could not take her in. She called us for help and we immediately accepted her. The name was given to her by the lady that brought her to us, the name symbolizes her sweet and gentle nature.

After a visit to the vet it was determined one of her eyes could not be saved and it had to eventually be removed otherwise, she was a healthy kitty that just needed love and good food to grow well. She was not very sociable at the shelter and would mostly interact with only one of the caretakers, she did not enjoy making too many new friends and would rather stay inside and get comfortable on her favorite pillow rather than go out and explore with the others.

A very regular visitor at the shelter wanted to help us by adopting one of the many kitties that we had, she chose Mila and Mila chose her. Mila is now called Mala and is living life quite happily with her other adoptive siblings. She was a very lucky girl and was adopted into a home that took care of all of her needs, the family made sure that she had her eye surgery, she was spayed, and she had everything she could ever want. © 2021. All rights reserved.