Name: Odin
Species: Cat
Gender: Male

Sight: Partially-sighted

Odin is one of many of our little one-eyed warriors. He was found by a lovely young lady that tries to save many kitties abandoned in her neighborhood. Odin was found with one eye missing and the other damaged. The lady that saved him suspected that he might be blind and she decided that she needed help with him.

We were contacted by this lovely lady who we advised to take Odin for a check-up at our vet and get his first vaccination since at our shelter we have many cats and we try to not take in cats that have not had at least their first shot. Odin was soon vaccinated and handed over to us and an emergency operation for his functioning eye was soon booked because if we had left it for longer the sight might have been completely lost.

Odin has 20% vision on the functioning eye and is a very happy and energetic kitty that loves playing with literally everything. He has had two surgeries on the existing eye and one on the empty eye socket so that it was cleaned and closed shut. He is currently recovering from his last surgery however, is doing very well and showing his familiar food motivated personality. We are positive that he will grow up to be a very good and sweet tomcat that will have legendary loud purrs just like now. © 2021. All rights reserved.