Name: Penelope
Species: Cat
Gender: Female
Sight: Completely blind

Penelope’s story

Unfortunately, there are many blind cats and dogs in N. Macedonia.
Remember, they don’t need to see you to love you. They will make you happy and will fulfill your life with love and positive energy like any other animal.

Penelope was found as a tiny kitten on the streets, her eyes looked like something out of this world and the person that found her saw how special she was so he took her with him. However, that person didn’t have the needed conditions to care for such a cat, he had many animals he cared for and couldn’t provide a safe environment for a blind kitty. Penelope was a very smart girl and even though she had access to the outside she never ventured more than the front door.

One day we got a call from the person asking for our help and even though he had become very attached to Penelope he was aware that she needed much more care. We took her over and immediately took her to the vet where after a thorough examination it was confirmed that she was blind and what seemed like amazingly colorful eyes were in reality ulcers that had developed over time. It was also determined that she was quite short for a cat and suffered from a condition called dwarfism.

She is quite a happy cat and jumps as high as any other normal size cat. She does not feel different and she proves that to us everyday. She will need time to get used to regular cuddles but with a character like hers any obstacle can be easily passed. © 2021. All rights reserved.