Name: Pirate
Species: Cat
Gender: Male
Sight: Partially-sighted

Pirate’s story

Little Pirate was a miniature feral kitten. He was found barely breathing lying on the busy street with a horrific infection on his eyes. His little body had no energy to fight anymore that’s why he was sent to us where we immediately took him to get checked by a vet and he was given the proper antibiotics for his infection. Sadly, one eye could not be saved hence the name ‘Pirate’.

He was not feral at all at first, he was quite sick and didn’t have the energy to show his true self however, after two days of regular treatment with antibiotics and vitamins little Pirate started showing his character and immediately refused any kind of human contact whatsoever. Giving him any antibiotics or vitamin supplements prove to be very difficult after he mustered up the strength to hide and run, even with only one eye he did not feel any different and could see us approaching him from any direction.
After coaxing him and begging him for a month to at least come to us for treats he caved in and rewarded us by allowing us to come nearer to him but not enough so that he could be touched. After another month Pirate stopped hiding when we approached and accepted us bravely. Throughout this process he always entertained himself and even when his feline friends at the shelter refused to play with him he would always find some sort of entertainment.

Pirate was adopted by a lovely couple that also has many pet bunnies, thanks to the organization World Animal Friends in the UK Pirate found the most suitable family where he was loved and looked after until his last days. © 2021. All rights reserved.