The shelter

AMOS Shelter is an association for the protection of animals. Unlike other associations here in our country, we are striving to build a shelter with great conditions for the suffering and homeless animals.

Based in North Macedonia, at the moment, we have homed more than two hundred animals in the past two years. We have a strong homing network all over the UK. We have also homed many locally and in neighboring countries and our goal now is to expand our homing network in the EU.

We now use boarding kennels for our dogs in Skopje and have three different locations for rescued cats that we are using temporarily until we save enough money to continue building the permanent Amos Shelter. One of the three cat locations is specifically used for special needs cats where we have many blind, partially-sighted, deaf cats waiting patiently for their furrever home.

At the moment: we buildrenovate, helpvaccinate, buy equipment, and do almost everything else with the help of donations from our loyal supporters who help us continue our mission of saving and homing as many animals from the streets into lovely families.

We are ten people in this organization, seven of us manage the virtual platforms and homing network while three of us make sure that all the animals are well looked after. We help country-wide and have also helped find homes for UK dogs that have been surrendered by their owners.

We have dedicated our lives to the lives we save and we appreciate any help we can get.

Before you decide to help us, you are also welcome to take a look at any of our social media platforms or contact us directly.
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