UK cat adoption process

Cat adoption process

When you see an animal you are interested in you are required to fill in an adoption application form. After the application is reviewed and if we think the animal you applied for is suitable for you, then we will require proof from your landlord, if you rent the property you live in, to show that you are allowed animals.

Once we have received proof from your landlord we will then book in a homecheck via video call (because of the current situation with Covid 19) to ask a few questions, give a little advice, look at the property, etc.

Our animals are based in North Macedonia and they can travel to anywhere in Europe & the UK once they have a suitable home waiting.

● Vet checked to ensure maximum health
● Vaccinated
● Microchipped
● Deflead
● Dewormed
●Spayed/neutered if older than 6 months

The homecheck will then be reviewed by the Amos Shelter board, if you pass the homecheck you will be required to fill in an adoption form and send a £50 deposit to secure the animal you are looking to adopt. After all of these requirements have been met then we continue with the process of getting the animal booked onto the soonest transport to come to you. The week before transport the remaining amount of £250 is due.

After reservation

We will stay in touch with you and help you settle in the new addition to your family. We will be here to guide you through this phase and help you overcome any obstacles you may encounter.

After you have officially reserved the animal you will also be added to a group chat with other adopters that will have their animals traveling on the same transport as yours. You will all receive pictures, videos and any updates concerning your animals on the group chat.

The chat also stays open once the animals arrive so that you can all keep in touch and share your updates. You will not be required to be a part of the group chat after your animal has arrived however, it will be mandatory for you to be a part of the Facebook group that Amos Shelter has created for all adopters.

A little info about us!


Based in North Macedonia, only in the year 2020, we have found homes for more than one hundred and eighty animals in our care.

Finding the perfect human companion(s) for our animals is our number one priority.
With five active UK based admins and five active North Macedonian based admins, Amos Shelter has been able to create a strong network of experienced foster homes, safe transporters, professional Rescue Back-Up team, and most of all, a secure adoption process that ensures our animals are adopted into the most suitable and loving homes. © 2021. All rights reserved.