Name: Teo
Species: Dog
Gender: Male
Sight: Completely blind

Teo’s story

Teo was born into a family of breeders that had been using the maltese breed for profit. He was born blind and it is suspected that that was a result of genetic mutation because of incest. He was sold as all his other siblings however; the family soon noticed that he was not quite like other pups. The breeder had failed to mention that he was blind and the family that bought him did not feel comfortable keeping him in their care. The breeder was contacted and sadly he refused to take Teo back as he felt he could not do anything with him, he did offer the family a new pup and told them to find a solution for Teo themselves.

Nala Dog Rescue, an organization from N. Macedonia was contacted and they immediately took over Teo. In coordination with them we were asked to find him a suitable home because as a specific breed it prove difficult to find someone that wanted him not just because of his looks. From quite a few applications one family stood out and Teo was lovingly adopted into their home where he now comfortably lives his life surrounded by comfort and love.

Amos Shelter and Nala Dog Rescue work together to save as many animals from the cruel streets of N. Macedonia as possible. We are dedicated to help as many as we can especially in these delicate situations such as the one above for little Teo. © 2021. All rights reserved.